Pagination Php

in this tutorial we are going to implement the pagination php. display all the records in signal page we are prefer to display some records in one page. MySQL provide the LIMIT condition to display the records limit in one page. some of the benefits for pagination below.

  • Reducing the loading time.
  • user friendly views.
  • minimum choice of records to be displaying in one signal page.


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    Final Output

    Pagination php

    Steps for implement the pagination.

    • Create the DATABASE table.
    • Connect to database.
    • Create class for pagination for code Re usability purpose.
    • Create the CSS for make better user interface.
    • Call the pagination class to any page.


    Now create the pagination php class when you wants to reused this include the class any pages only needs to change the SQL query. some of the steps are follows.

    • append the query results for counting the records from one tables.
    • fetch that records.
    • define constant for setting up one records per pages in our demo we have to set $adjacents = “2”. you may set as your choice.
    • Get the last page number from the total records.
    • Build up the pagination logic as your choices.

    pagination php

    Now at the final point to be display the records from pages. some of the steps that we followed.

    • setting the page starting point.
    • How many records you wants shown on per page.
    • prepare limit query.
    • display the records.
    • final step to just call the Pagination Php class.

    Main logic