Language Translation in PHP

This tutorials is about translating the language in php. This will require when you are creating the multi language projects. Language translation is simple logic behind that just storing the values in session when some user change according the that needs then we are ...Read More

How to create Listview With BaseAdater in android

Let’s get started with eclipse IDE. In this we created simple Listview BaseAdater. Create new project-> File->New -> Android Project and give activity Android Listview BaseAdater. Open your Android class MainActivity and extend Activity. [crayon-5a13f9b81634d606227850/] Now create CustomBaseAdapter that extend BaseAdapter class and ...Read More

Pagination Php

in this tutorial we are going to implement the pagination php. display all the records in signal page we are prefer to display some records in one page. MySQL provide the LIMIT condition to display the records limit in one page. some of the ...Read More

Array Function in PHP

There are lot’s of array functions are available in PHP we have seen some of the most useful array function. array() function Array is simply collection of variable it is used to store all the values in one array variable. [crayon-5a13f9b8171d3235015603/] Output Android to all ...Read More

String functions in php

In this tutorial we are just give you overview of string functions. there are lot’s of string functions are available but we are seen some of the important functions. echo() function echo function is used to displaying the data to bowers.whether it variable or ...Read More

Bootstrap popup model

In this tutorial we are going to implement the bootstrap popup model. when user click on button or link pop up window will appear. include the bootstrap js and css on head section that we describe on Bootstrap tutorials from beginner tutorials.     ...Read More