Implementing Notification Bubbles in Android like Facebook Messenger

In this tutorial we are going to implement the notification bubbles for android. we are used the onClicks button stuff to create the bubbles. check below whole code for notification bubbles.

Final Output



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Now implement the notifications bubble for android to start with android dependency. here is the steps

  • Create a new Android Studio project with an empty activity.
  • in our Project level gradle, add a line as shown below.

project level gradle addition

Now, sync the project to download the required library and create the file.

Here’s the activity_main.xml. It just has a button to add new bubbles.


  • Now create the xml resources to configure the bubbles.
  • Create the new layout name bubble_layout.xml


Next, create another layout resource file named bubble_trash_layout.xml .
It’s used to show the bubble trash container.


Now, configure the drawables

now add the permission to android manifest file shown below.