Multiple Records Delete using PHP

This tutorial is about insert multiple record using single SQL Query. first create the database name it multiple_delete. inside the database create the table products and paste the below code.

Database Table

Now second was create the database connection which is require step to be integrate this.


Third step was create the main file called index.php which used to displaying the records for users. inside this file we have to used the AJAX call for retrieve the id or you should used the array function which store the every id and then go the delete processor. script.js which used to user interface like confirm that you wants to delete for sure and get all the checkbox selected.


Deleting Multiple Records using PHP and jQuery


Product namePriceCheck All


Script.js file executing after including the JavaScript library at top of the blog then script.js.


when user submit the button to retrieve the all the database id. we can used the post as method and action as attribute to sending the data to another files.