Laravel Installation and setup guild tutorials.

Laravel installation and setup first of all you needs to some server requirements like most important think is PHP version. you need atleast PHP >= 5.6.4. after you needs to download the Dependency Manager for PHP . now all done

Laravel installation guild

    • Open command prompt.
    • Go to xampp directory where you wants to run the projects.
    • Download laravel app using following command.

laravel installation

after  run above command wait for sometime until you get fresh installation is completed. laravel download all the packages and everything check below screenshot.
laravel installation guild


Now everything is done for installation you can go laravel installation directory and click on public folder screen appear like below.

laravel artisan

laravel Installation is done now some of the others thing that we know like database connections, error debugging, time zone, and Application Key.

Laravel MySQL connections.

open up .env file which is located in our laravel installation directory and give them all necessary information here that’s it.