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image upload in php

image upload in php first of all inside the form tag you needs to create the input type file and for form tag you need to add enctype=”multipart/form-data”.check below form code. [crayon-5a13fa7da9e8e060525954/] Final Output when user click on submit button we need to pass ...Read More

jQuery Autocomplete in PHP

This tutorial is about live search in database with use of PHP and JQuery. first create the database table and database connection [crayon-5a13fa7daad45489167309/] Database connection [crayon-5a13fa7daad4b509215074/] Now create the HTML blog which we have to write the data from the JQuery search. [crayon-5a13fa7daad4d995397200/] Now ...Read More

Session And Cookies in PHP

Cookie store on browser and Session is store on Server. You can instruct the browser to latter use. PHP provide the function to set the Cookie or instruct browser to setting the Cookies values. setcookie() method allows you to define how long the Cookie ...Read More

Multiple Records Delete using PHP

This tutorial is about insert multiple record using single SQL Query. first create the database name it multiple_delete. inside the database create the table products and paste the below code. Database Table [crayon-5a13fa7dab532316194810/] Now second was create the database connection which is require step ...Read More

Language Translation in PHP

This tutorials is about translating the language in php. This will require when you are creating the multi language projects. Language translation is simple logic behind that just storing the values in session when some user change according the that needs then we are ...Read More

Pagination Php

in this tutorial we are going to implement the pagination php. display all the records in signal page we are prefer to display some records in one page. MySQL provide the LIMIT condition to display the records limit in one page. some of the ...Read More