bootstrap pagination example

This tutorials is about Bootstrap pagination with use of datatable JQuery. main part is JQuery attach and it’s coding. of course we need to add the JQuery library and data table js we needs to add it online. now we will get some idea about JQuery parameter that you must be include or you needs to add it according to our needs.

  • “dom”: ‘<“top”iflp<“clear”>>rt<“bottom”iflp<“clear”>>’ which used to show the pagination records for example you should able to seen the screenshot Showing 1 to 3 of 32 entries.
  • “pageLength”: 3 which used to shown the numbers of records display at starting of our page
  • “lengthMenu”: [ [3, 25, 50, -1], [3, 25, 50, “All”] ] which used to display the records on dropdown menu according to that it will display the records on per pages.
  • columnDefs which used to define the column ledge

Final Output

bootstrap pagination example

Here is full source you can download it and run in xampp.

Now we almost done our bootstrap pagination run the code and check